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Consider this index page a starting point for all other resource pages and links that I will post in the near future. Rest assured there will be many such pages and links. Links on web awareness, security resources and valuable or interesting sites, all linked from this convenient home page. Some links will be quite obvious, others will be top secret. Of course there'll be galleries to link to as soon as I get some scanning done.

Astrophotography & Light-Pollution!
(click on the image above to spot your town)

Ever wondered if you can take astro-photos from in or near your town or bright city?" Well, the answer to that isn't that simple. If you're well informed, have access to the right gadgets or special aids and know enough about light-pollution, the answer is a resounding yes! Click here to find out everything about light-pollution.
Updated 11/11 2006
Recent updates to all my sites are listed here so that visitors can check out the new stuff first.

03/07/01  Audit my Light-Pollution manuscript.

10/11/06  Info on Secure Surfing.

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Important links...   Updated 03/07
Find free & publicly accessible UseNet Servers here.

Need software? Find what you need at Tucows

Get a patch, crack or serial for that software at CRACKS.AM

Tweak your machine and hardware with the Freakin' Tweakin' Source... Your complete source for Hardware Tweaking information.

Find and correct vulnerabilities with your Windows Internet & Network configuration at Gibson Research Corporation.

Learn what some serious hackers are up to at Hackology. You might find a hacking tool or virus that suits your needs here.

Get your FREE firewall at Zonelabs. Never surf without one!

Ok, Quebec site, useful nonetheless. Does your installed software or program you want to try-out keep track of your surfing habits? Well you can find out. Gilles Lalonde maintains The Spyware Infested Software List. Find out how corporations are doing it.

Is Microsoft monitoring you? An anonymous email to Gilles Lalonde's InfoForce certainly points to that!

Here's another nice freebee I've just found. If you hate being monitored by advertisers like I do, then you should be aware of spyware/adware on your computer. Download free Adaware from Lavasoft, run it and see if your machine is harboring a proggy that "phones home". Betcha you'll be surprised...

Spychecker has a database of Spyware products so you can identify spyware before you download and run.

Translate anything. Advanced Web Search with excite.



Cabin pics:

More photo albums coming...

Astronomy and Astrophotography

Need a start? You can start by going to any of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada centers.

All RASC centers

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